Unlimited Earnings & Tax Deductions

Eliminates the headaches of listing earnings and deductions:

We provide clients with unlimited data buckets for earnings and tax deductions, tailored to each clients needs.

You can name your tax deduction and name your earnings.  Aplaz Online Payroll Service is the most flexible service in the industry!

No matter what type of pay, or what you call that pay, our system can manage and administer your earnings with ease.

APLAZ makes Payroll Simple:

  • Simply send an email that you have hired a new employee and we do the rest.
  • With access to your back-end HR system, you can pick an employee, set a deduction from a list, a start date and a deduction amount and you are set to update without error.
  • Turn off a Deduction, simply send us an email or you can schedule a deduction change or stoppage, or have it shut off when your employee reaches their goal amount.

For more information on APLAZ Unlimited Earnings and Tax Deductions, contact a payroll administration service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click the contact button: