Restaurant Payroll

APLAZ manages and administers all the Tax Laws for Restaurant payrolls:

Our payroll professionals will create a tailored payroll solution to help your restaurant to comply with the complex laws governing employee wages and tips.

  • Tips-to-minimum compliance for regular and overtime pay
  • Form 4070 “Employee’s Report of Tips to Employer” tip sign-off sheet — Covers your liabilities for employees reporting tips and related discrepancies.
  • Shortfall report — Informs you when your employees did not have enough pay to cover the taxes required to be deducted from their check.
  • FICA tip credit report — Claim this report on Federal Form 8846 as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you pay FICA on tip amounts that bring the hourly rate over minimum wage. We can provide the amounts, you get the credit.
  • TEFRA Service – Form 8027: Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips

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