Onsite Check & Report Printing

Reduces your Payroll Costs by incorporating it into the Human Resources department.


  • Eliminate postage and overnight package fees!
  • Direct Deposite included at no additional fee along with emailing of check stubs. This is most sought after by clients.
  • Check stubs are sent via a PDF document for printing and attachment of employee checks at your site.
  • Payroll processed only after recieving approval from the client.
  • Alternatively, our client can process Online Payroll Step-by-Step shows you what to do at every point during payroll.
  • Full security password protection.
  • Move employee data between fields.
  • Sort or select employee data by multiple fields.
  • Access employees by name, telephone number, job code,  social security #, department, division or company.
  • Assigned Administrator/User can add, edit, delete or print.
  • Switch between multiple open online browsers with companies and/or employees quickly on the desktop.
  • Access reports anytime 24/7.
  • Auto-pay all employees via standard hours, per pay salary and unlimited pay codes…
  • Our payroll system automatically saves your place during payroll, that will allow you to exit and navigate without worry.
  • We can add, edit, terminate or rehire and employee at any time.


  • Export data to excel file format .
  • Standard Report selection.
  • Employee Profile will displays personnel data, MTD, QTD, YTD totals and multi year, from-to, pay check history.
  • Launch reports in PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.

For more information on APLAZ Onsite Check and Report Printing, contact a payroll administration service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click the contact button: