Our Team

Jose De Dios, Founder, is a 20+ (twenty plus) year entrepreneur that enjoys the challenge of creating change where it’s said “there is no room for change!”

Our founder is a wonderful human with a profound passion towards helping his fellow human attain their life’s success, sometimes at his own expense. He is FAMILY centric and thrives for that purpose!

Aplaz is founded to make business life less stressful for clients while at the same time increasing their bottom line.  Aplaz delivers Human Resources assistance, management, and administration on all employment responsibilities thus Reducing Employment Headaches and thereby providing our clients a dedicated business valve to increase their Time and Effort towards increasing revenue!

Our Founder brings vast successful Human Resources Sales and Business leadership experience to Aplaz.  Additionally, his deep-rooted business relationships coupled with his past success of growing new sales and building a winning team in the HR business services market nearly guarantees that Aplaz will succeed in becoming a Billion Dollar HR Services Provider to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) Market!

2011/12 – Our Founder, Launched Aplaz to provide its services initially to the California SMB market, then reach out to every SMB in the nation via affiliate gorilla sales and marketing -coupled with- a continual steam of social media blitzes.  Since launching and in less than a year Aplaz has closed deals Allstate insurance Agents, Emerging technology funding arms of major I.T. companies like Microsoft-biz-spark, Google Ventures, Technology Incubators Accelerators, SBDC, and several dozen Angel and VC firms.  All this activity is the foundation for growing a Billion Dollar HR Services company!

2002 – Our Founder Launched Strategic Business Solutions to partner with the small business community and deliver substantial business aggregation knowledge that reduced the burdensome expense of employment.

1997 – Our Founder wrote the business plan for The Outsource Group, LLC (TOG) and executed the first client agreement on 1/01/1998 launching TOG into the San Francisco Bay Area region.  TOG became a force to reckon with as a Human Resources Organization (HRO).  Through his leadership, and passion for helping the SMB market, TOG grew to become the fastest growing privately held company in the US- ranked by Inc. 500 by the year end of 2002, eclipsing $289,000,000.00 annual revenue.  Founder finalized and sold his 38% share of TOG in 2004. (Trinet purchased TOG in 2006)

1995 – Our Founder was recruited by Kelly Services (Your Staff).  Founder was a top producer and brought in more than 74MM in new business.  Leading a team of 7 sales people to capture over 100MM in new business.

1989 – Our Founder began his career as a professional insurance agent, now spanning over twenty years. Eight of those years, he managed the Northern California region for two Midwestern insurance companies, targeting the (SMB) market.  During his leadership his Northern California Office, was in the top five in the nation producing in excess of $83,000,000.00 (eighty three million dollars) in annualized premium.   He is a member of the Million-Dollar Round Table in the health insurance industry.