Our Corporate Story

is thriving by delivering superior service to our CLIENTS with unparalleled technological solutions!

We provide a simple Human Resources Solution (HRS) to the hundreds of day-to-day employment headaches which burden business owners. The solution is an Outsourced Human Resources department wherein Aplaz delivers hands-on-employment-service managing the day-to-day employment headaches.

The employment headaches include but are not limited to:

  • Payroll, Payroll Tax Reporting, Payroll Tax Payment via e-file
  • Employee Benefits, Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401k, etc…
  • Workers Compensation, Pay-as-Pay premiums, Economies of scale via employee pooling, employee safety training, and more…
  • Government Compliance, IRS, EDD, DOJ, DOL, OSHA, DHMS, etc…
  • Recruiting and Staffing, pre-screening of applicants to fit the needs of the business person, etc…
  • Human Resources Processes, from Hire-to-Fire…

We have found that Businesses which choose our service, have increased revenue by up to 47%. (How you ask?)

Because they recapture their most valuable resources (TIME and MONEY.)  Then they focus their valuable resources towards core business activities that generate revenue!

Our simple HRS are complete, easy, and technologically-advanced.  Most importantly in today’s economic time, our service is usually less expensive than hiring one part-time HR staff!  We aim to always stay competitive all while delivering unequaled customer service!

“Our technology is ahead of the competition, and simple to use” -Advisor, Mentor, and Investor, Jose’ De Dios.

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With established H.Q. in Reno, NV we have plans that include offices in other major US cities.

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