Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration.

Bringing Insurance Eligibility and Continuation Challenges “down to size” for employers.

Many employers, dread employee benefit programs and the associated rules and regulations are complicated and time consuming.

We keep eligibility information up-to-date with multiple programs when employees are hired and dealing with other issues when employees are terminated.

Aplaz Benefit Administrators administer the varied insurance programs for employers through their eligibility system and consolidated billing whereby the employers have single source eligibility input and alterations, in effect acting as a “backroom” HR office.

Once changes are made to the on-line system, those changes are then implemented for all of the applicable insurance vendors. The outcome is a simplified process reducing the administrative burden for employers. Benefit Administrators works for many multiple employer benefit plans as well as direct with either the entire benefit approach or specialty approach (i.e. COBRA administration).

At open enrollment, and for any employee benefits questions, we are at your place of business when you need us.

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