Nationwide Workers Compensation Insurance

Manages and administers securing Workers Compensation Nationally.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Services, may eliminate the burden and higher costs of dealing with the annual insurance premium audits, processing claims for work related injuries and OSHA log 200 record keeping.

We may eliminate the need for deposits, payment schedules, and payroll audits. By using our online simple payroll services you can pay your premium by pay period using the actual payroll reported. Aplaz, submits the premiums to the carrier. We conduct the payroll audit with the carrier at the end of the year therefore it all happens seamlessly.  With you never having to worry about it again. You just continue growing your passion, your business!

What does our System improve your current situation?

  • Potentially, avoiding paying up-front premiums
  • Virtually Eliminates estimated monthly payments
  • Essentially does away with year-end audit surprises, since premiums are based on actual payroll, not estimates.

Claims Management Services

Today’s worksites may be safer than in the past. However, we know that injuries occur, and when they do, we will handle them timely and efficiently with Aplaz Workers Compensation Claims Services.

First, we notify the carrier of the injury and begin the process for provider billing and back to work scheduling. Then, your injured employee will be scheduled for immediate treatment at the closest occupational healthcare facility. All billing will be routed to our offices to be recorded and processed and then sent out to the carrier.

Once your employee is able to return to work, we will monitor any further billing or return-to-work issues.

OSHA Recording Services

Save time, money and effort and let Aplaz teach you or your safety manager how to record all employee injuries and illnesses for your records or to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Note: All industries will be given consideration.

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