Unemployment Management

Unemployment Claim Management Services.

Aplaz manages and administers unemployment needs administration – including paperwork for your State Unemployment Insurance. Our HR managers will keep track of paperwork, and assure that there are no erroneous claims or charges. All you have to do is notify us and we spring to action as you HR department!

Remember all employee and business information is automated through our payroll system. Therefore, we can verify the wage histories of employees. We can also help reduce unemployment compensation costs by checking for erroneous charges, which may lead to a lower SUI experience rating.

Critical to success is the timely processing which usually eliminates unwarranted claims.

Aplaz’s service includes:

Claims management

  • Helps you avoid fines and retain rights to appeal with claims and appeal processing
  • Provides assistance with appeal hearing preparation
  • Provides a voluntary contribution analysis
  • Consult with unemployment specialists on proper separation documentation
  • via a toll-free support line

Benefit charge auditing

  • Monitors and protests ineligible and erroneous charges.
  • Protects your SUI experience rating from miscalculations and oversights.
  • Provides record keeping

Toll-free support line

  • Provides quick, up-to-date answers to your questions about state and federal labor laws

Management report

  • Summarizes your company’s claim activity during the previous calendar year

For more information on APLAZ Unemployment Management, contact an APLAZ business service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click the contact button: