Payroll Year End Filing Services

APLAZ Year-End Services:

AplaZ makes sure that you never again dread the year-end and its W-2/1099 compliance hassles! APLAZ will manages and administrates all payroll tax and payroll reporting requirments. We meet all deadlines and stay on top of any changing regulations.

We file your W-2 and 1099 information electronically, then produce your year-end payroll-related documents, including your employees’ W-2 copies. We deliver them via email and they are prepared for printing at your place of business.

Our forms are easy for your employees to read and understand, minimizing inquiries.  Additionally, we provide all statutory digital filings.

For more information on APLAZ Payroll Year End Filing Services, contact a payroll administration service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click the contact button: