Simple Online Payroll

Simple online payroll service provides a robust full-scale payroll process 24/7/365:

Our full scale payroll system is very cost competitive when compared to payroll companies like, ADP, Paychex, Intuit, Quik-books and others.

Our services guarantees that each of our clients meet payroll on time every time!

In most cases, we do not require employers to transfer funds three, two or one day before payday.  Instead we process with a simple online payroll System that provides each client with a same day payroll turn around from the time hours are reported to the time the client has their payroll in hand!

We know that you did not launch your business to worry about payroll, payroll tax filing, or the tremendous amount of paperwork related to payroll compliance, workers compensation, government compliance and employee benefits.  Therefore, you can rest assured that payroll compliance issues are administered by our team of experts to take worry out of processing payroll.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in Human Resources funcions that include but are not limited to: Payroll, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits and Human Resources.  That gives your company a competitive advantage by joining forces with APLAZ.

Simple Online Payroll Service includes:

  • * Web Based Payroll Services
  • * Payroll Tax Payment Services
  • * Payroll Administration Services

You can get Started today, simply complete the HR services Quote or for more information about Simple Cloud based Payroll Services contact a payroll service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click on the Contact Us / Request a Quote button.