First Class Service

APLAZ Everyone involved with Aplaz must pass a thorough back-ground check. Once on board they sign a job offer with a complete job description that are aimed to provide the highest service to exceed our clients’ expectations!

We understand the solutions to all employment issues. Solutions begin with the Department of Labor (“DOL“). We research then advise and if directed implement and manage the solutions that our clients use to operate their business in compliance with the Government. The Goal being ongoing success.

Our Service Guarantee is that each client will experience the maximum service available with every interaction.

Therefore, the sole purpose of our existence is to deliver first 1st class service every day-or we do not get paid!

We have not refunded one dollar because lack of service!

For more information on APLAZ First Class Service, contact an APLAZ business service specialist at (650) 557-3797 or click the contact button: