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  • delivers great Human Resources Service all the time and they allow my company to increase revenue by thousands of dollars monthly by decreasing my annual payroll, workers Compensation and Health Insurance (employment costs)!”, CPA Firm, with 15 Employees, San Francisco, CA.

  • “We have been with since we hired our first employee.  Aplaz’s staff is expert and manage our payroll, employee benefits, workers compensation insurance, and government compliance. Also, they help to write offer letters, job descriptions, employee hand-books and much more as it relates to our employees. Additionally, they help us with employee reviews. We highly recommend Aplaz! We now have 52 employees and they helped us hire our entire staff while also reducing our business costs.”  Software Development Company, Los Angeles, CA.

  • helped us get the best Workers Compensation insurance and implement ongoing employee safety training! They deliver great service, timely responses, accurate payroll processing and safety training programs”, We are a 12 Employee wood manufacture company, in Oakland, CA.

  • “We are a National Insurance Corporation, with over eight thousand Independent Insurance Agents throughout the USA. APLAZ provides our Agents with complete Human Resources needs 24hr/7days/52weeks taking care of all their employment needs, including payroll, workers compensation, employee benefits and job-site safety. They continually, provided State Specific service to our Agents”, National Insurance Company

  • “APLAZ is our choice since 1999 to manage and administer employment issues at our business! They always deliver top shelf service and are always available to our business when necessary”, 21 Employee Plumbing Company, San Jose, CA.

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  • “Aplaz, is a visionary organization that looks forward to the future while keeping an eye on its biggest asset… The Client!”

    (“Excellence is not just a state of mind. It’s a state of being”)
    Victoria M, VP Payroll & HR ~ Aplaz

Workers’ Comp Reporting

Companies are reviewing and preparing their injuries and incidents reports in order to complete their OSHA logs, which must be posted by February 1.  OSHA recording is usually a daunting task for most, especially if you have more than 100 employees, or just a significant number of indemnity claims.

Usually, the hardest part of completing OSHA logs is mentally separating the rules of workers compensation with the recordable requirements of OSHA.  So to make it easier for you we have noted the most common mistakes below.

  • Failing to check behind your TPA (Third-Party Administrator) or Insurance Company –   Tons of companies choose to let someone else handle their OSHA logs, as this is much easier than doing it yourself.  The problem is not checking their lost-time and modified-duty days.  Most workers compensation statutes require a waiting period, usually 7 days, before adjusters start counting days.  These days are usually not on the radar for most insurances companies and TPAs.  For example, a medical-only claim where the injured worker only missed two days may fall between the cracks on a TPA-completed OSHA log.
  • Forgetting to include injuries that were not considered workers compensation or that was denied under workers compensation. – This is a biggie and so easy to do.  A lot of people forget that an injury does not have to be an injury compensable under workers compensation statutes to be recordable under the guidelines of OSHA. For example, heart attacks are not always compensable under workers compensation.  However, heart attacks may be recorded on the log.  You will need to report all heart attacks to OSHA and they will decide whether or not it is recordable.
  • Realizing that it must be a new event -  Some employees have multiple injuries throughout the course of a year.  It is important to ensure that an employee is completely healed from an injury.  For example if your employee suffered a knee injury in 2008 and was still seeking medical treatment, another injury, while doing their normal job functions, to that same knee would not be considered a new event.
  • Failing to update prior years – OSHA allows you to stop counting loss time and modified duty days at 180, if an injury is recorded in one year and the employee is still losing time.  It is critical that you update your OSHA logs for that year.  Remember, OSHA logs should be maintained for a period of 5 years.

This time of year can be very stressful, especially with the aggressive image of today’s OSHA.  The new focus on reporting injuries and incidents should not be taken lightly.  The quickest way to have OSHA show up at your door, aside from having a worker fatality, is to submit inaccurate OSHA logs.

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