Low Cost Workers Compensation

AplaZ provides worker compensation Insurance that virtually eliminates year end insurance premium audit and employee safety services including processing work related injuries, and OSHA record keeping.

As your Human Resources department, Aplaz provides worker’s compensation administration for your employee safety program.  We also handle your worker compensation claims management and provide coverage for your employees with top rated Workers Comp Ins. carriers.

Because of our pooling your employees’ with the clients of all our clients we create a LARGE EMPLOYEE POOL, “United We Stand” therefore we can reduce your workers compensation costs reduce your day-to-day head-aches.

  • Workers Comp Claims Management Services
  • Pay-by-Payroll Period Program
  • Workers Compensation Reporting
  • Workers Comp Risk Reduction Services
  • Workers Comp Safety Plans
  • Regulation and Information

For more information on Workers Compensation Administration Services, contact an Aplaz Human Resources Managerat (888) 300-0257.

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